Baba Rampuri talks about Patanjali Yoga Sutras and the Bombay muscle beach culture origions of Sivananada, Krishnamacharya Yoga and Patabli Jois Ashtanga

Baba Rampuri interview
Baba Rampuri: Patanjali was one of the greatest ever humarians, the greatest ever thinkers, a brilliant, brilliant man beyound believe.

His yoga sutras was a menemic device that was easyily memorized, as a commentary on Pāṇini’s Ashtadhyay. It has to do with speech.

This is a composition about speech. This is not about Hatha Yoga. This is not physical culture. This is not psycholocial culture. This is not philosophy. This is a technical text, a magical text of speech. The greatest ever compositions

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Patañjali is known for two great great texts Mahābhāṣya and Yoga Sutras.
Mahābhāṣya is also a commentary on Pāṇini’s Ashtadhyay,
Mahābhāṣya is in the form of a dialogue between guru and student.
It is quit large, it took him 80 years for Mahābhāṣya.
It took him 2 weeks for Yoga Sutras. It is a spontaneous work
It is meant as a summary of Mahābhāṣya..
Both are intimately connected to speech a little bit better you will amaze yourself when you go over Yoga Sutras how you see it all the way through and you see a pretty strong consistency in all of this.
If you would be aware of the most powerful single device of brevity.
Brevity you make a long thing very short. If you use a zip archive you take the blank spaces out.

When I hear people talking about yoga sutras and anybody describes the third anga asana as a physical posture I can see they have not the slightest clue.

The device is called prathyahara. Prathyahara interestingly enough is fifth of Patanjali’s anga – Take a look how people translate and interprete prathyaha.
In a entirely psychological western interpretation. I have not seen one single english translation where I find the translation ‘brevity’.

henning moog Prathyahara is translatetd as bringing the senses inward like a turtle.
Baba Rampuri  Yes and that is completely psychological.
You have to see Patanjali in context of sound philosophy, Panini’s Ashtadhyay.

Prathyaha is a very specific device as yamas, nyama, asana and pranyama.
Pranyama is a very specific device. If you think about. If somebody spend 80 years writing mahabhasya, one of the greatest thinker ever, writing a manual for people 2500 years later, to instruct them to make breathing exercises? But do you think it is about breathing?

These interpretations are beyond absurd. It is incredible. It is as they are sitting in an office or an modern  yoga studio try to attract yoga students.

Henning Moog Krishnamacharya Yoga is letting out the energy body, they do not care about cakras and kundalini, they go directly to Patanjali.

Baba Rampuri They don’t go to Patanjali at all. They use Patanjali as a brand. It is a branding exercise  – where you take physical exercises and you say this is mystical east, this is mystical india. If you do this mystical exercises things will happen to make your life better just like drinking brown sugar water you will be able to join the pepsi generation, you will get access to the real thing. Coca Cola.
I hate to say it.
It is a branding exercise. If you take the whole line of Krishnamacharya to Patabli Jois. If you could believe this people.

What is source of knowledge of Krishnamcharya Yoga styles?
Where do they get it from?

I can tell you where Patabli Jois claims to get it from.
Could you believe that Patabli Jois found the book in the library in the palace of Mysore? This book popped out. He read and memorized this incredible book and then the book disappeared.

Excuse me. If you give out that story who would believe you? She would not even believe you.

I find that Patabli Jois and T. Krischnamachary have to be condemned more than anybody else because of their extreme hypocrisy.

Yama is restriction. What is the first of the restriction it has to be the truth and it cannot be any violence to it.

If you gonna make up a story where all this things come from and you kill the real thing in order to promote the story you already lost the first anga.

If you say it is a good fitness system and it makes you healthy than it is fine.

If you start superimposing it and you say this is the ancient indian tradition that is what changes is.. this becomes a curse. Patbalis Jois lives under a curse. When your son commits suicide you live under a curse. And why did he commit suicide? Because they were just about publishing the papers showing that his father was a homosexual paedophile.
Which is very consistent with a lot of the origion of this physical culture in India. Same thing is said about Krishnamachary.

Than you have this other branch that feels they taking ocker and combining ocker with this you somehow legitimize it

We have the tradition of Sivananda which is completely coming out out of the Bombay physical sort of muscle beach culture and Satyananda same thing coming out of that yogananda muscle beach culture.
We have scandal, scandal, scandal.

None of this is about the ultimate aim like I describes Patanjali which is the prosperity of the community.

That the community is prosperous, healthy and happy.

Instead the basis is self-obsession, I want to look good, I want to be more popular, I want enlightenment…

It is in strict opposition to Patanjali  &  Panini, and the yogis and shamans.
Preserving magic, to that the public may be healthy, prosperous and move on.